BELIEVE is an innovative Bible-reading experience that will guide you and your family how to “live” the Bible. Take a journey through 10 key beliefs, practices and virtues of Christian faith, which will guide you how to think, act and be more like Jesus.

Excerpt from Dr, Rev. Myrlene’s Sermon:

The new adventure we are beginning is called Believe. Today is the introductory message and next week we actually get into the study itself. So in my intrigue this week I asked you a trivia question: where in the Bible does the word “believe” first appear?

            It’s in the story of Abraham and Sarah when God makes an impossible promise. And Abraham (Abram) believes God. Now, there are people before him who believed as well (Notably Noah). But I think it’s significant that the word appears here first, because it is Abraham and Sara, and their journey of belief that sets the whole story in motion in a way that comes all the way down to us today. Well, for now, let’s just hear the story. Genesis 15:1-6.

            The second passage jumps centuries into the future, to a book much closer to the end of the Bible story. To the end of the Gospel of John. In his story about Jesus John has told about many different people and their reaction to Jesus. Some believe, some don’t, but in all the stories we get a lesson about believing. One such story is about Thomas, called a doubter, but he’s really just a realist. Thomas missed out on the resurrection and he wanted proof that Jesus was actually alive. Show me the nail holes, show me the hole in his side. Jesus comes to him, shows him his hands and his side.  And Thomas believes. Then John says this: John 20:30-31.



Sermons from the Believe series

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Sept 27: 2 Awesome (God Cares)
Oct 4: 3-Grace Alone
Oct 11: 4-For the Bible Tells Me So
Oct 18: 5-Searching for Significance
Oct 25: 6-Coming of Age
Nov 1:7-A God’s Eye View
Nov 8: 8 Not So Random Acts of Kindness
Nov 15: 9 The Earth is the Lord’s
Nov 22: 10 Candy Sermon-EternalLife
Nov 29: 11 Scott’s Sermon – Feed_Me! Part 2 Begins (Act)
Dec 6: 12 Stay Connected
Dec 13: Advent
Dec 20: Advent
Dec 27: Christmas Break
Jan 3: 13 Bible Study
Jan 10: 14 A One Track Mind
Jan 17: 15 Total Surrender
Jan 24: 16 Biblical Community
Jan 31: 17 Spiritual Gifts
Feb 7: 18 Offering my Time
Feb 14: 19 Giving My Resources
Feb 21: 20 Sharing My Faith  Part 3 Begins (Be)
Feb 28: 21 Love
Mar 6: 22 Joy
Mar 13: 23 Peace
Mar 20: Palm Sunday
Mar 27: Easter
Apr 3: 24 Self-Control
Apr 10: 25 Hope
Apr 17: 26 Patience
Apr 18: 27 Kindness/Goodness
May 1: 28 Faithfulness
May 8: 29 Gentleness
May 15: 30 Humility (also Pentecost!)