Garden of Grace


Garden of

at Morning Star 

And after you have suffered for a little while,
the God of all grace,
who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ,
with himself restore, support, strengthen,
and establish you. I Peter 5:10

Garden of Grace

Grief is an experience common to every person and every

family.  We all seek to find ways both to memorialize the one

who is lost to us, and also to find comfort and peace.  To help

achieve these goals, Morning Star has created a Memorial

Garden where families can remember their loved ones and find a 

place of peace.

Morning Star’s “Garden of Grace” began with simple

dogwood tree and it gradually grew to include benches,

additional plantings and landscape features to create a place of

beauty and peace. A place for prayer, contemplation , and


The Garden is not a cemetery. No rights or special

privileges are deemed or granted to families of those who are

memorialized there. All rights are reserved by Morning Star

Presbyterian Church, its officers and the Memorial Garden

Committee to make changes, now or in the future, including

changes in the design and location of the Garden.

This page is provided as a guide for those who wish to

use the Garden as a place to memorialize their loved ones. A full

description and set of policies is available upon request.

Your contributions will enable this garden to grow to its

full potential. Thank you!


*Human and Pet Cremains are permitted in the Garden of

Grace. An application/waiver must be completed by family

members and approved by Session.

*Burial of Cremains will be done by a steward of the garden,

not by family members.

*Services Provided:

*Burial of cremains: No cost

*Interment service: As negotiated with Pastor

*Memorial Pavers:

4”X8”: $250

Engraved with 3 lines of text (13 characters per line)

8”X8”: $500

Engraved with 6 lines of text (13 characters per line)


*The design of the garden itself and any plant or other garden

feature is under the express authority of the memorial garden

committee and the Session. Only monetary donations will be

accepted; no plants, plaques, statuary or

personalized displays will be permitted.

*Please make checks payable to Morning Star and write

“memorial garden” or “memorial paver” in the memo line.

Request for Interment of Cremains Form

Click the link above and save to your computer.
Complete the request form and mail it to:

Garden of Grace
c/o Morning Star Presbyterian Church
One Morning Star Way
Bayville, New Jersey 08721